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from [profile] miriam1978

Copy this list; leave in the bands you've seen perform live; delete the ones you haven't, and add new ones that you have seen until you reach 25. An asterisk means the previous person had it on their list. Two asterisks means the last two people who did this before you had that band on their list, etc.

[sorry about the difficulty of reading this, folks--I can't write about concerts and not reminisce!]

1. They Might Be Giants** 
[oh, only about 6 *times*... sometimes with [personal profile] orichalcum and [profile] adamhmorse including that time at GenCon w/ [profile] havenstone]

2. Tori Amos* 
[twice, including in 1996 with [profile] havenstone, [personal profile] outlawradio, [personal profile] julianyap, et al]

3. Dar Williams* 
[4 times, sometimes with [personal profile] ladybird97 and [personal profile] outlawradio]

4. Wilco*

5. Indigo Girls [3 times... the first was my first ever live show!]

6. Moxy Fruvous [may they rest in peace]

7. Da Vinci's Notebook 
[RIP. 3 times, first w/ [profile] havenstone, [personal profile] resonance42, [Bad username or unknown identity: orichalcum , [info]ladybird97] et al. My arrangement of Kingdom in the Sky is still performed by Vocal Heights.]

8. Robbie Schaefer [he opened for Da Vinci's Notebook, as I was telling [profile] a_dodecahedron]
9. Dave Matthews
10. Sheryl Crow
11. Tin Hat Trio [3 times. RIP]
12. The Preservation Hall Jazz Band
13. The Mighty, Mighty Bosstones
14. Rage Against the Machine [didn't see THAT coming, didja?]
15. Girlyman [most recent show I've seen, [personal profile] matt_rah was there]
16. Banana Fish Zero 
[RIP, friends of mine, 4 or 5 times, JT & I were groupies and [personal profile] resonance42 came along at least once]

17. Gin Blossoms [i'm dating myself]
18. Spin Doctors [i'm REALLY dating myself]
19. Primus
20. The Lemonheads
21. George Clinton & the P-Funk All Stars
22. The M Shanghai String Band
[3 times; amazing live shows, if you're in the NYC area, you MUST check them out!]
23. Goo Goo Dolls 
24. Moby
25. Sugar Ray

[editorial comment #1: I listen to and like a number of bands that previously were on this list, but I've seen very little big-name, new live music in recent years. So if anyone WANTS to go see Belle & Sebastian, The Magnetic Fields, Arcade Fire, or The Polyphonic Spree with a non-hip fogey, I'd totally be up for it.]

[editorial comment #2: I totally would have seen REM too, but my parents wouldn't let me go with my friends b/c it was Rosh Hashana]
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A while ago I posted about making themed playlists, and I thought I'd share. Here's the list about driving and traveling. It hasa some rough spots, but I'm pleased with fitting many different types of music together.

Come Sail Away--South Park
Fun, Fun, Fun--Beach Boys
Cadillac Car--Dreamgirls [look at me mister, I'm a star]
Little Red Corvette--Prince
Cars--Gary Neuman
Traveling Again--Dar Williams
Get Out the Map--Indigo Girls
Long Time Gone--Dixie Chicks
Every Day Is a Winding Road--Sheryl Crow
Running Down a Dream--Tom Petty
Hey Jealousy--Gin Blossoms [tomorrow we can drive around this town and let the cops chase us around]
Highway to Hell--ACDC
Route 66--Depeche Mode
I Left My Wallet in El Segundo--A Tribe Called Quest
Go West--Pet Shop Boys
German Test Drive--Spymob
Upside Down from Here--Atom and His Package
Destination Moon--They Might Be Giants
Highway Chile--Jimi Hendrix
South Side--Moby
Keep the Car Running--Arcade Fire
Into the Great Wide Open--Tom Petty
Like a Rolling Stone--Bob Dylan
Road Buddy--Dar Williams
I-95--Fountains of Wayne
and of course
Paradise by the Dashboard Light--Meat Loaf


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